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Hello traveling friends of SFL - we are currently checking in with our community partners around the globe to see how our international friends have fared through the pandemic so far and to check in on how past projects have evolved and if any future projects have arisen. However, many of the countries we travel to still remain closed- either at the border or on a local level. Barely anyone in these little communities have been vaccinated therefore gathering together to host a group of volunteers like us is not a healthy choice for anyone. As a result, we have no trips schedule for the remainder of 2021 unless there is a drastic change across the globe.

That said, once we post our partner updates we hope that will allow our SFL community to know how they can help further as an individual rather than affiliated with a SFL group.

We are so excited for the world to open up and we will no doubt be ready to launch. Until then, feel free to keep in touch. 


Deb, Lisa and Chris

Our mission is to create cross-cultural experiences that leave a positive footprint.  

Surf for Life is a non-profit organization.  Through organizing and fundraising, Surf For Life creates the bridge between volunteers and international community partners to complete community-based projects.

As a Surf For Life volunteer, you are joining a collective of conscious travelers who are actively giving back while getting to know the local community first hand - creating memories that last a lifetime.

Connect with another culture. Participate in locally-led projects. Join the movement.

Surf For Life Nepal 2019- Travel with Purpose




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