Video: Striped Shorts, Celebrities, and Cinder Blocks

Earlier this year, Sundek and Surf for Life teamed up and took a crew of pro surfers and actors (Leven Ramblin from The Hunger Games, Eric Balfour of Six Feet Underfame, Andrew Keegan, who you probably remember from your little sister's wall) down to El Cuco, El Salvador, to build the town's first high school

June 2012

Surf For Life sponsors community-driven development projects in coastal communities, hosting trips that put surfers to work for the good of humanity when they're not in the water. Sundek makes rad beachwear. When these two esteemed organizations put their heads together, you get the project shown in the video above. Not shown: the epic meals cooked by the chefs of Namu Gaji in San Francisco, who flew down to feed the crew. The team of cooks and servers got up at dawn to buy just-caught mahi-mahi off the local fisherman and turn it into Korean-style fish tacos topped with pickled local vegetables. Also not shown: the desks designed and built by surfboard shaper maker of our favorite hand plane, Danny Hess, who used their construction to give carpentry lessons to the local kids. Briefly shown: a bunch of pro surfers, Hollywood types, and a Hollywood hair stylist laying cinder block and painting classrooms while school kids looked on in awestruck silence. Shown as backdrop: Azul Surf Club, a lush, low-fi retreat on a beach break in El Cuco owned by Lissette Perez, whose idea it was to give the children here a high school and a shot at better lives. Maybe you're looking for perfect and uncrowded waves, or maybe you just want lounge in a poolside hammock and sip on freshly cracked coconuts from providing shade over your head. Either way, this is the place to go. Briefly shown, at the 2:30 mark: a sunset session that the whole crew paddled out for, during which Eric Balfour lent his board to a kid who had been surfing a plank pulled off nearby fence. The kid, whose name I didn't catch, caught the first wave that he paddled for, and rode it all the way to shore.  

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