Help Center

Help Center

What do you need help with?

Planning Your Trip

Arrival & Departure Information

Who is picking me up at the airport?

When should I schedule my flight so I can catch the Surf For Life shuttle?

Can I arrive earlier or leave later than the designated arrival and departure windows?

Who do I contact if my flight is delayed or if I miss my flight?

Organizing and Preparing For Your Trip

What should I pack?

Do I need vaccinations or malaria medication?

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

What expenses and travel services are covered by my Surf For Life minimum fundraising commitment?

Something came up.  Can I change my reservation to another week later in the year?

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

Fundraising and Donations

I want to increase my fundraising goal. How do I do this?

How do I setup my fundraising page?

How do I see who has donated to my campaign?

I forgot my password! How do I retrieve it or get a new one?

Where can I find ideas and get help on exceeding my fundraising goal?

By what date do I need to reach my fundraising commitment?

Travel Grants

I'm waiting on a few matches to come through. Do I need to submit the balance out of pocket or will you give me some time for matches to be reflected in my total?

Can I extend my fundraising deadline? 

Matching Donations

How do I know if my company or my friend's company offers matching for donations made to my fundraising campaign?

What are the eligibility requirements for my company's corporate matching program?

How do I apply for a matching donation from my company?

How long does it take for my matching donation to process and show up on my fundraising page?

Can I apply for a match for my registration fee?

How will I know when the matches have been processed?




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