La Virgen Morena Preschool

Tola, Nicaragua

La Virgen Morena Preschool


Project Details

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,500

Location: La Virgen Morena, Tola, Nicaragua (southern Nicaragua)

Project: Preschool/Primary School Annex

Community Parnter: Magnific Rock

Project Description:

La Virgen Morena is an indigenous coastal community located along the south Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The nearby town of Las Salinas boasts a population of over 4,000 people. Many locals seek employment in the booming hotel and hospitality industry, though the production of salt is still their largest commerce.  Over the last 7 years tourism has grown about 70% nationwide, and specifically this area of the coast has experienced an increasing amount of tourism fueled by the amazing surf the area has to offer.

The community of La Virgen Morena is a growing community located just outside of Las Salinas, where Magnific Rock is situated. Currently, the community has one school with only four classrooms to accommodate 342 students. The Director of the school and the local leaders have identified the construction of a preschool classroom as a top priority, and they have reached out to Magnific Rock and Surf For Life for help.

The community is desperately in need of the new classroom to provide enough space for the current students and to allow for future growth. The four schoolrooms are overcrowded and maxed out of capacity, unable to provide proper space for education for all the students. The only way to have space for all the students is for the teachers to split the school day into two sessions; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  

The primary objective of the new schoolroom is to bring the preschool students to the school grounds, providing them with adequate school housing. The secondary objective is to provide the community with additional school space to allow for the projected growth of the community.

Room & Board:

Volunteers will be staying in small, simple apartments at Magnific Rock Popoyo, located on a cliff top with breathtaking views of the outer reefs of Popoyo.

There is no wireless internet in the apartments, but there is wifi available in the main restaurant area just a few steps away from the apartments.

Travel to Las Salinas, Popoyo, Nicaragua:

To get to Popoyo, fly into Managua International Airport (MGA).

Upon arrival, you will need to pay a $10USD entrance tax (cash only) so be sure to carry cash during the flight. There is no departure tax.

A shuttle will be pre-arranged from the airport to Magnific Rock (about a 3-hour drive with a stop for food along the way).

All meals during the week will be provided by Magnific Rock, and it is recommended that volunteers bring about $200 cash (small bills recommended) with them for any extras or service tips.

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