Nepal: Home for Children

Solukhumbu, Nepal

Nepal: Home for Children

Assembly lines of volunteers helped move bricks and stones for the first floor of the Children's Home. They moved sand for the cement in plastic bowls and started the trench for the future septic tank. The work was labor intensive, against the incredible backdrop of the Himalayas.


Project Details

Minimum Fundraising Commitment: $2,800 including $325 non-refundable deposit

Location: Solukhumbu, Nepal

Project: Children’s Home

In-Country Partner: The Small World

Community and Project Description:

Located in the Everest region with a population of 140,000 people, and 30 different ethnic communities, the Solukhumbu District is the location of our community project, which includes the best view of Mt. Everest—the highest point on earth.

Our in-country partners, The Small World, was founded by Karma and Sonam Sherpa out of the desire to help children to get an education and rise above their challenges of being orphaned or with families that can’t support another child. The Small World founded the Himalayan Hope Home in Kathmandu as a child protection center and to serve as a preventative strategy for at risk children. Since 2013, 30 orphaned or abandoned children of rural Solukhumbu (where Sonam is from) have been residing at Hope Home where they are provided proper health care, a sense of safety, nutrition, and a much needed family environment. Our project provides the funds and volunteer support needed to begin the building of a children’s home in Solukhumbu.

This trip offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the mystical culture of Nepal, exploring temples, rituals and traditions while giving back to the community.


Travel Details:

This trip may require an extra day of travel on both ends. Depending on your location, flights may require leaving your destination on Friday to arrive in Kathmandu for the first gathering on Saturday night. Please check flights before registering.

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