Postponed: Family Trip | Panama: Community Hostel

Isla San Cristobal, Panama

Postponed: Family Trip | Panama: Community Hostel

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Project Details

About Our Project Partner

This is our 6th project with our local partner, Give and Surf.

Give & Surf is a locally embedded non-profit organization of volunteers providing sustainable empowerment to indigenous communities in the greater Bocas del Toro area. They focus on community development and increasing access to education.

About Panama 

Panama is a central American country with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean - forming a land bridge connecting North and South America.  It controls the Panama Canal that links these oceans and is one of the most important shipping routes in the world.The indigenous meaning of the word Panama is “abundance of fish.” The name reflects the incredibly diverse flora and fauna of the country that includes over 900 different bird species, and more than 10,000 different plants species, Animals include monkeys, opossums and sloths.

We will be staying in Bocas del Toro, full of colorful, Caribbean-style clapboard houses and our main hub. Seven islands comprise the land area, with “Bocas Town” the regional capital.  Travel between the islands is by water taxi, and how we will travel between Bocas Town and Isla San Cristobal.  

About the Trip

  • Lodging: Bed & Breakfast, rooms with private bathrooms, and fans 
  • Remote/Not remote: Not remote - close to local shops, restaurants and general tourist opportunities
  • Language: Spanish  
  • Food: Traditional diet consists mostly of rice, vegetables, chicken and fruit
  • To get there: International flight into Panama City International (PTY), taxi across Panama City to domestic flight PAC to BOC on Air Panama.

Additional Trip Activities

  • Surfing or snorkeling
  • Jungle hike
  • Wizard beach and organic chocolate farm
  • Starfish beach
  • Freetime options: ziplining, bicycling, scuba diving

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